Special Projects

We work hard on our homestead, turning degraded land into a humble oasis that can support our family. But that doesn’t keep us from trying to improve the area surrounding us. We appreciate everyone who’ve been supporting us by purchasing our products, and now we’re offering you the opportunity to support our other endeavors.

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More about helping forests return to our mountains
True reforestation must emphasize the word forest. Just planting a handful of tree species does not meet our definition. Forests need many more species, beyond the plant kingdom, to be the functioning ecosystems that we encourage them to be. Much of our focus, now, is on allowing ecological succession to head it’s course, speeding it along through pruning. That being said, of course we still plant trees. They are magnificent. If you agree, and you want there to be more trees growing, we offer the opportunity to adopt trees. We also dream of expanding the Sacred Suenos Wildlife Sanctuary. If you love forests, and want more of them covering the Andes, you can donate.
More about our dream to integrate cattle and tree-scapes
The initial vision of Sierra y Cielo, many years ago, was to be a demonstration farm: an example of an agricultural system that not only increases biodiversity every year, but also increases fertility and productivity. We proved that one could make more money on a fraction of the space, following Permaculture and Agro-ecological principles. The only problem was that very few of the people owning land around here, actually live here. They prefer the conveniences of modern society. The easiest way to make money on these steep, remote, mountains, is through raising meat cattle.
Our goal would be to acquire a neighboring cattle pasture, and convert it into a silvopasture, integrating trees that can provide a diversity of food, fertility, and forage that will make the pastures and cattle more resilient and healthy, while increasing biodiversity.
Learn more about the Refuge
We live on a small corner of the Sacred Suenos Wildlife Sanctuary. In 2004, it was a degraded mountainside, only capable of sustaining bracken fern and a few other plant species. Since then, it has been spared the regular burning, and with a little help, has had the opportunity to blossom into a thriving and evolving ecology.

Much of humanity is also suffering from the degradation of modern society. As the Sacred Suenos Sanctuary is allowing the mountainside to heal, it’s refuge offers people a chance to heal their spirits. Humble bedroom cabins, a perched yoga deck, and a communal kitchen, offer an off-road, off-grid, off-line experience that helps ground and balance. We do charge people a little to stay here to help cover repairs & upkeep, but we also like to keep prices affordable so that it can be accessible to all. For several years, it has cost more to maintain the refuge, than it has made in rentals. We could use some help maintaining, hopefully even developing this wonderful space.

To learn more about our efforts to help abandoned and abused dogs, click here.