Ecology Inspired Consulting & Support


Over 20 years of experience, living off-road and off-grid, healing the earth and regenerating the ecosystem.

I’m pretty smart and have a large trove of experience, both in real life as well as by geeking out on research papers and articles. You’ll appreciate the issues & solutions that I bring up, and you’ll value the advice that I’ll share.


You can’t beat these introductory rates!

Write Yves to get started, now!

Talk with Yves: $20/hr

(available via phone call, WhatsApp, Zoom, or Telegram)

You'll get more than just a conversation.
Whether you want a mentor, could use some support, or just want a bit of inspiration and encouragement, I’m happy to talk about your land and dreams with you. This includes up to an hour of research after the call, and a follow up email summarizing the discussion and covering the questions and details that I researched for you.

Research assistant: $5/hr

Let me find the solutions to your problems & questions. Read more...
Whether you’re trying to figure out plant disease or deficiency symptoms, don’t know how to remediate an issue with your soil, or want a compilation of information about plants that you hope to integrate into your landscape, I can save you a lot of time and energy, at hardly any cost. Whatever I don’t know, I’ll go on a deep dive, mix it with what I do know, and produce for you a summary or spreadsheet to help solve your problem.

On-site exploration and discussion: $25/hr

2 hour minimum. Does not include transportation to site (travel time & taxi/bus fees from Vilcabamba)

Nothing beats an in person visit!
Walk the land with me, and let me explore it with you, locating any possible issues and treasures that it can offer. Together, we can discuss your project while observing the landscape and all the elements that interact with it. This includes a free hour of work, researching any unanswered questions, developing a simple map template, and summarizing the visit.

Dedicated Support: $50/week

(available via WhatsApp or Telegram)

The ultimate support package!
I can be on call to answer your questions, share some ideas, and give support, via text. I guarantee a response within an hour or two, from 6am to 9pm. This includes an hour long call when it’s good for you, and up to 5 hours of research!

Topics We Can Cover Include:

  • Developing a low-footprint lifestyle
  • Ecology and microclimate analysis
  • Re-wilding and Regenerating the landscape
  • Water & “waste” management
  • Holistic animal stewardship
  • Permaculture design
  • Organic gardening
  • Solar energy systems
  • Eco-construction
  • Nurturing an Ecology Inspired mindset
  • … And so much more!

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