Downloadable Product FAQ

If you are buying a downloadable product from our online shop (i.e. a PDF) there will be several ways to access the downloads you have purchased.

Option 1: Immediately after purchase, scroll down to access your downloads.

After completing checkout, you will see this screen. Scroll down to access your downloads.
After scrolling down, you will see this screen. Click the blue button indicated in the photo above to download the product you purchased.

Option 2: Download via the link enclosed in the confirmation email you receive after checkout.

After purchase, you will receive a confirmation email at the address that you provided at checkout. Click the link indicated above to download the product you purchased.

Option 3: Access your downloads via your account on our website

You can access your account, via the main menu on our website.

First, log in to your account

Once logged in, you’ll find a “Downloads” section on your account dashboard.
Click the Downloads link to view your available downloads. Then download your purchased product via the link indicated above.

A note for iPhone users:

iPhones do not automatically save the downloaded document to your device.

To save the document onto your phone so that you can access it later, you will need to click the icon indicated above.
That will bring up this menu. Click “Save to Files” to save the document to your phone to view or share later on. If you don’t do this extra step and simply click out of the browser window after the product has downloaded, you will not be able to view or access the PDF later without downloading it again via one of the methods described above.

Please note: our time is our most valuable resource and providing free tech support has not been budgeted into the price of our downloadable products. Please read the above directions and follow the steps described before contacting us for further assistance. Thank you!