Dog Rescue


Help prevent abandoned animals from suffering on the street.


We’re teaming up with Amigos de Animales — Vilcabamba, a small local organization that supports animals in need in our community. There is no animal shelter here, and so these kind individuals are housing homeless & abandoned animals in their own homes, and caring for them with their own funds + any donations they may receive. They are shouldering a huge burden with limited space & resources.

We’ve recently taken on housing + caring for foster dogs to help lighten the load of the generous and overburdened individuals who started this organization. Because they are underfunded, the cost of food and vet care for these foster dogs comes out of our own pockets. Your donation will go towards food, medicine, & neuter/spay expenses for animals that we foster. Any surplus is redirected to general funds for Amigos de Animales. Learn more about our rescue & foster dogs here.

All donations are greatly needed and appreciated!