“Sacred Sueños” Refuge


Help keep a sacred space available for people to regenerate with.

All donations go exclusively into a fund that buys materials that replace and repair infrastructure like bedroom cabins, communal kitchen and deck, water and other resource provision, etc. If we ever gather a surplus, we’ll have an open discussion on how that money in invested into the Refuge.

Supporters who donate $100 or more, will be invited to a gratitude lunch at the Refuge, and offered a total of four weeks free access to the Refuge.

Supporters who donate over $1000 can enjoy a horse trip to the Refuge, including lunch and a dream-storming tour. They’ll have free access to the Refuge for a year.

Supporters who donate over $10,000 will have lifetime free access to the Refuge, as well as the opportunity to have a small plot to build their own personal cabin within Sacred Sueños.

Learn more about the Refuge
We live on a small corner of the Sacred Suenos Wildlife Sanctuary. In 2004, it was a degraded mountainside, only capable of sustaining bracken fern and a few other plant species. Since then, it has been spared the regular burning, and with a little help, has had the opportunity to blossom into a thriving and evolving ecology.

Much of humanity is also suffering from the degradation of modern society. As the Sacred Suenos Sanctuary is allowing the mountainside to heal, it’s refuge offers people a chance to heal their spirits. Humble bedroom cabins, a perched yoga deck, and a communal kitchen, offer an off-road, off-grid, off-line experience that helps ground and balance. We do charge people a little to stay here to help cover repairs & upkeep, but we also like to keep prices affordable so that it can be accessible to all. For several years, it has cost more to maintain the refuge, than it has made in rentals. We could use some help maintaining, hopefully even developing this wonderful space.