Demonstration Silvo-Pasture

Help find a balance between the desires of society, and the health of ecology.

Donations of $500 and up, are entitled to a special horse trip to Sierra y Cielo, including lunch, homestead tour, and a personal discussion about our Silvo-pastoral dreams.

Donors of $10,000 or more, will have a time-share access to the cabin that will be built on the new land.

Your donation will go towards a fund for purchasing the land. It’ll take a while, so unless some miracle brings us six figures worth of donations quickly, we’ll be investing the funds in a local banking cooperative. We’ll keep you updated.

More about our dream to integrate cattle and tree-scapes
The initial vision of Sierra y Cielo, many years ago, was to be a demonstration farm: an example of an agricultural system that not only increases biodiversity every year, but also increases fertility and productivity. We proved that one could make more money on a fraction of the space, following Permaculture and Agro-ecological principles. The only problem was that very few of the people owning land around here, actually live here. They prefer the conveniences of modern society. The easiest way to make money on these steep, remote, mountains, is through raising meat cattle.