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Naranjilla: Jewel of the Andean Sierras

One of our favorite Andean fruits to grow is naranjilla (Solanum quitoense). Also known as lulo, naranjilla is a Solanaceae...
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A Year on the Mountain — Looking Back at 2020

Here we are at the beginning of a new year. So much of 2020 was strange & unsettling, but life...
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The Basics of Rabbit Care

We’ve had rabbits around the homestead for over 4 years now. For the most part, raising rabbits been something that...
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The Power of Wild Plants

Not long ago, Kristine posted about a cool edible native, Yacón. This is the first of a long series about...
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Yacón: A Traditional Andean Food

Traditional Andean food crops are hardy to the local climate and quite often thrive without much maintenance in our mountainside...
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Reforestation Isn’t Just Planting Trees

Planting trees is great, but when it comes to reforestation, we should take into account the complexities of forest ecosystems....
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Essential Equines

Last post, I focused on goats as a great example of how herbivores can regenerate the land, through holistic management...
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Goats — Destroying the Landscape or Healing It

When I hear vegans argue against raising animals, I tend to agree with them, for the most part. Modern techniques...
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