Ode to Coffee: The Journey from Soil to Cup & Beyond ebook



Ode to Coffee: The Journey from Soil to Cup & Beyond details how we grow & process our small-batch coffee. This ebook includes 10+ unique recipes for utilizing all parts of the coffee plant, including the leaf, fruit, and beans.

Check out the table of contents to see what’s included:

Ode to Coffee

The Coffee Tree

Coffee Leaf Tea

Coffee Production & Harvesting

Processing the Coffee Berries

The Coffee Berries

      • Coffee Berry Recipes
      • Coffee Berry Tea
      • Coffee Berry Vinegar
      •  Coffee Berry Whiskey
      •  Coffee Berry Kombucha
      •    Coffee Facial Toner 

Drying the Beans

The Roast

The Grind

Coffee Bean Recipes

      •    Iced Maple Vanilla Latte
      •    Coffee Extract 
      •    Coffee BBQ Sauce
      •    Coffee Skin Serum 
      •    Coffee Orange Scrub

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