Wild Plant Nursery

Looking for plants that don’t need any resources or work after planting? Look for wild plants!

Wild plants don’t need any special treatment. They can handle months of dry season without a drop off irrigation. Just plant them and let them thrive and spread.

Do you want to see more birds and butterflies? Wild plants will attract them!

If you’re as interested as us in recovering the ecosystems that should be thriving here, or if you just want more pretty things fluttering through your landscape, many of these plants will help you.

Tired of ordering medicine and supplements from afar? Grow wild medicinals here!

These mountains are a literal pharmacopeia that has been overlooked and undervalued. Just click on the species, and you’ll get to a description of their benefits.

Bidens PilosaBidens pilosa, ASTERACEAE$2.50
Mimosa AlbidaMimosa albida$3
Phenax hirtusPhenax hirtus — family Urticaceae$2
Rumex obtusifolia$2.50

Get to know the plants

Bidens Pilosa

Bidens pilosa, ASTERACEAE

Mimosa Albida

Mimosa albida
Mimosa albida

Phenax hirtus

Phenax hirtus — family Urticaceae

Rumex obtusifolia