Yacón Crowns


Smallanthus sonchifolia

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Yacón is native to Ecuador, Peru & Columbia. It is in the Compositae family and is commonly known as jicama, despite having no relation to the Mexican root crop known by the same name (Pachyrhizus erosus).

Yacón produces large, edible tubers that are crisp, lightly sweet, and refreshing. They are typically peeled before eating and often enjoyed raw. We often eat it on it’s own, simply cut into slices, but topping it with a little salt or lime juice is also quite nice.

Yacón makes a great addition to salads, lending a deliciously sweet crunch. The tubers can be boiled, baked, or stir fried, as well.

To learn more about this traditional Andean edible, check out our blog.

$3 for the amount of comb pictured. This is enough for 3 or so good size plants 

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