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From our friends at VilcaHome: 

Fruity Jello.  A tasty, health boosting treat made with fruit juice and assorted fruit — with no added sugar! Gelatin is a great snack for kids & adults, promoting the health of the digestive tract, immune system, brain, liver, skin, hair, + more. Fruit juice & pieces of real fruit add health boosting vitamins + minerals.

Gelatin is beneficial to the digestive tract, helping to protect the gut wall from damage that can contribute to issues like “leaky gut” and IBS.

Studies have shown that gelatin is also helpful in reducing joint pain & stiffness.

Gelatin been found to help boost the moisture & collagen density of skin and to improve hair thickness & growth — improving the overall health and appearance of hair and skin.

Gelatin is the richest food source of glycine, an important amino acid. Glycine has a protective, “anti stress” action on our cells. Studies have shown that it is healing to the liver and may even help to reduce & repair a liver damaged by excessive alcohol use.

Glycine has been linked to brain function and mental health. It also helps to promote natural sleep. Glycine has been used to help recovery from strokes and seizures and to boost learning and memory. Supplementing glycine has also shown to help improve the symptoms of certain mental health disorders, such as schizophrenia and OCD.

Glycine & gelatin are used to facilitate the action of insulin to help lower blood sugar and treat diabetes.

Studies have also showed that glycine rich gelatin may slow the growth of certain cancers — such as stomach cancer, colon cancer & leukemia — and may prolong the life expectancy of those with cancerous tumors.

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