Rose Tincture


Cooling, uplifting floral tincture

Humans have long appreciated roses for their beauty, scent, and medicinal benefits and have been cultivating this lovely plant for at least 3,000 years.

Rose is an uplifting herb that is well loved for its ability to open the heart and to ease irritability, anger, insecurity, grief, anxiety, + depression. “Rose is very calming and balancing, assisting us in finding a ground level state from which we can access our real emotions rather than just react,” says herbalist, Kiva Rose.

Rose is gentle, yet effective cooling, anti-inflammatory, + astringent medicine. It can be useful for diarrhea, headache, and much more.

Rose is particularly well suited to balancing the female body. It can be helpful for easing PMS symptoms including pain, cramping, and emotional imbalance. “Rose is classified in most traditional medicine as a blood mover, with a special affinity for the reproductive system. I’ve found it to be very useful in treating general pelvic congestion resulting in scanty menses, cramps, water retention, cysts and mood swings,” says Rose.

Herbalist, Amber Magnolia Hill, of Mythic Medicine states, “On a more energetic level, rose reminds us of our creative nature as women who bleed and are capable of bringing life into the world.”

Rose has also been cherished as an aphrodisiac. It works on both a physical + emotional level due to its ability to promote blood flow to the pelvis and open + soften the heart.

Ingredients: medicinal grade alcohol, mountain spring water, rose (Rosa manetti),*

All Sierra y Cielo products are hand-crafted in small batches using only natural, non-toxic ingredients.

*Indicates ingredients grown or produced at Finca Sierra y Cielo 


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