Nettle Tincture


Tonic herb with many beneficial properties


This tincture is made with the organic, fresh nettles (the North American variety, not the smaller leafed ortiga found in local markets) grown in our mountainside gardens.

Nettle is a general tonic that strengthens and revitalizes the whole body. It can also be used in case of more specific health problems. Nettle promotes kidney & urinary tract health. It helps to stop hemorrhaging & internal bleeding.

This herb relieves skin inflammation & rashes and can be used to treat allergies & hay fever. It also reduces diarrhea & excessive menstrual flow.

Ingredients: fresh nettle leaf (Urtica dioica),* medicinal grade alcohol, & mountain spring water*

This tincture contains 30% alcohol 

All Sierra y Cielo products are handcrafted in small batches using only natural, non-toxic ingredients.

*Indicates ingredients grown or produced at Finca Sierra y Cielo


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30ml, 50ml