Naranjilla Seeds


Solanum quitoense

Naranjilla is a popular Andean fruit also known as lulo. This perennial, herbaceous shrub is an attractive plant with large, thick dark-green and purple leaves. It produces round orange fruits with edible sour-sweet pulp. The delicious & versatile fruit tastes best when fully ripe and can be enjoyed raw or cooked. It is used to make juice, fruit pies, sweets, jellies, jams & syrups and to top cakes, ice cream, yogurt, & fruit salad.

30 seeds per packet 

Growing tips: grows to 1-1.5 meters high with spreading stems. Does best on fertile, well-drained slopes.

*All Sierra y Cielo seeds are organic, open-pollinated, & non-GMO. They have been hand collected from our gardens, where they have been adapted for 2+ generations.

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