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Solanum lycopersicum

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These plants produce round, medium-sized, bright red meaty fruits that are delicious fresh or cooked. Pick fruits when fully red for best flavor.

20 seeds per packet 

Growing tips: Plant seed 1/4″ deep in 3-4″ pots. Transplant plants outdoors or into green house, 18-24″ apart. When planting, sink plants 12-18″ deep, right up to the base of the first leaves to promote good root development.

This indeterminate plant prefers sturdy trellising. Prune mature plants regularly to promote good air flow. Water at the roots & soil, avoiding leaves. Provide consistent moisture for the best yields.

*All Sierra y Cielo seeds are organic, open-pollinated, & non-GMO. They have been hand collected from our gardens, where they have been adapted for 2+ generations.

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