Llanangora Flower Essence


Llanangora (Mimosa albida) is a prolific plant at Sierra y Cielo. Tough yet beautiful, llanangora reminds us of our own strength and ability to adapt to challenging situations.

Llanangora Flower Essence eases anxiety and fear helping us to tap into our inner strength to deal with stressful circumstances calmly and confidently.

Llanangora Flower Essence also helps us to integrate difficult experiences so we are able to stop dwelling on them and move on.

Llanangora Flower Essence is healing to the heart chakra. It helps to ease grief from old wounds allowing us to stop acting out of fear caused by past trauma. It also allows us to establish healthy boundaries so we feel safe enough to drop our guard and open our hearts to love again after experiencing grief or heartbreak.

*This flower essence was crafted under a waning crescent moon in Aries with flowers from our land and mountain spring water. Whiskey is added as a preservative.

Our Flower Essences are packaged in 20ml glass bottles. Dropper is not included. 

Ingredients: Llanangora  Essence, mountain spring water, & whiskey (preservative)

How to Use Vibrational Essences
Take 3-4 drops of your vibrational essence of choice under the tongue or in a glass of water up to 4 times a day for anywhere from a week to a few months. Specific duration & frequency will vary depending on a person’s sensitivity and their specific needs. One may choose to take the essence more often during a crisis or while processing a traumatic event until they have reached a state of calm. Take the essence at least 15-30 minutes before or after consuming any food or liquids (other than water). While taking the essence, it can be helpful to create a moment, even if it’s short, to reflect on one’s intentions and what work is being done with that particular essence.
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