The best fresh goat cheese, made daily from our humble herd.

Sierra y Cielo cheese isn’t made from just milk! Our process begins with the earth. We’ve taken a degraded mountainside, and are using ecological mimicry to regenerate the soil. More fertility grows an abundance of diverse trees and shrubs, which in turn nourish a couple of herbally healthy goats, who browse freely within a holistically managed pasture rotation.

Healthy and happy goats produce a milk that is not only nutritious, but also contains a wonderful probiotic ecosystem. Keeping it raw, there is no need to introduce a culture to make our cheeses. We just let some milk ferment naturally, add an extract from a fungus (for rennet), and get a delicious cheese that represents the season, weather, and different forage that happen during each cheesemaking process. Just like fine wine, our cheeses have vintages, each day giving a unique, yet consistantly delicious, flavor, texture, and aroma profile.

Each cheese is packaged in a fresh ginger leaf from our gardens. 

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