Ethiopian Kale Seeds


Brassica carinata

Ethiopian kale is a mild tasting leafy green that despite the name, is technically a mustard. In East Africa, where the plant orginated, it is grown primarily as an oil seed crop. The leaves are nutritious and can be enjoyed raw or cooked. Younger leaves are more tender & better suited to being enjoyed in salad.

This plant is cold tolerant and can be grown at higher altitudes than most leafy crops (up to 2600m). It has a long tap root and extensive root system compared to other brassicas. It can produce leaf & seed with only a moderate amount of rainfall, though irrigation will improve the leaf crop. 

30 seeds per packet 

Growing tips: seeds germinate rapidly in moist soil in pots or in the garden. Space plants 40-50cm. Amending the soil with manure will increase protein content & leaf production. Plant will produce in most soils, except saline or water-logged.

*All Sierra y Cielo seeds are organic, open-pollinated, & non-GMO. They have been hand collected from our gardens, where they have been adapted for 2+ generations.

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