Chocho Seeds


Lupinus mutabilis

Chocho is an edible & ornamental Andean crop also  known as tarwi. It was originally domesticated by pre-Inca people more than 1,500 years ago.  

It has showy purple to blue flowers that have a honey like aroma to help attract pollinators. It produces a protein rich seed that has an oil content similar to soybeans. 

The seeds should be soaked & rinsed before eating to remove bitterness. Cooked seeds are often enjoyed in soups, stews, & salads or eaten as a snack, like peanuts.

Chocho will also benefit the land where it is grown due to nitrogen fixing surface roots & a strong taproot that loosens soil. 

Growing tips: Grows 1–2.5m tall. Chocho is a hardy & adaptable “pioneer” plant that can be grown in marginal soils. It tolerates frost, drought, a variety of pests, and a wide range of soil types.

25 seeds per packet 

*All Sierra y Cielo seeds are organic, open-pollinated, & non-GMO. They have been hand collected from our gardens, where they have been adapted for 2+ generations.

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