Andean Skullcap Flower Essence


Made with our native Skullcap (Scutellaria volubilis), Andean Skullcap Flower Essence helps to reframe anxious thinking about the future and things that are out of our control. It helps us navigate stressful situations with clarity.

Andean Skullcap Flower Essence brings peace with things from our past that haunt us. It enables us to release baggage we’re still carrying from past painful experiences, helping us to get to the root of what triggers us so deeply about the situation and truly let it go so we are finally able to heal.

It allows us to forgive past versions of ourselves who made mistakes we find embarrassing or out of line with our current values or moral standards. It helps us to find the value in that experience and recognize that we wouldn’t be where we are now without it.

Andean Skullcap Flower Essence aids in releasing tension that causes physical pain—especially the back, neck, head, & jaw. It allows us to release the heavy loads we’ve been carrying and move forward unburdened by stress & grudges.

It releases us from repeating self-destructive behaviors that cause us to re-create painful situations in order to integrate them and finally have closure. It helps us from wallowing in regret by replaying situations and obsessing over what we “should” have done.

Andean Skullcap Flower Essence helps us to tune into our intuition, allowing our inner knowing to guide us. It promotes healthy self-confidence and allows us to let go of “poor me” stories of victimhood that may have previously determined how we navigated the world.

This flower essence was crafted under a Super full moon in Libra with flowers from our land and mountain spring water. Whiskey is added as a preservative.

Packaged in a 20 ml glass bottle. Dropper not included.

How to Use Vibrational Essences
Take 3-4 drops of your vibrational essence of choice under the tongue or in a glass of water up to 4 times a day for anywhere from a week to a few months. Specific duration & frequency will vary depending on a person’s sensitivity and their specific needs. One may choose to take the essence more often during a crisis or while processing a traumatic event until they have reached a state of calm. Take the essence at least 15-30 minutes before or after consuming any food or liquids (other than water). While taking the essence, it can be helpful to create a moment, even if it’s short, to reflect on one’s intentions and what work is being done with that particular essence.
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