Ají Seeds


Capsicum pubescens

This perennial bush has attractive purple flowers and fruits prolifically. The peppers are very versatile, adding heat to any culinary creation. They are popular in Ecuador as an addition to a spicy salsa called “aji.”  They can also be added to sauces, vinegars, candies, fudge, coffee drinks, marinades, and more. A little goes a long way!

Ají peppers have potent medicinal properties. They can be used internally in tea or tincture to promote healthy circulation and digestion. They’re used externally to help ease arthritis & rheumatism.

Growing tips:  Fairly resilient and easy to grow pepper plant. Grows to 1 meter or more. Plant benefits from pruning if it’s branches get too leggy.

30 seeds per packet

*All Sierra y Cielo seeds are organic, open-pollinated, & non-GMO. They have been hand collected from our gardens, where they have been adapted for 2+ generations.

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