Achira Flower Essence


Achira Flower Essence wants to assist us as we transition into new phases of life.

Achira helps us to stay rooted in our own inner knowing despite major shifts in the external landscape of our life.  This essence is particularly helpful when everything we know is shifting — whether we are moving to a new place, changing jobs, welcoming a new baby, losing a loved one, living in the time of a global pandemic, etc. Achira helps us to stay centered and calm on the inside despite the upheaval and chaos that may be occurring in life. 

Achira Flower Essence lifts feelings of anxiety and heaviness as we adjust to big changes. It allows us to envision possibilities for the future and ease anxiety around the shifts.

*This flower essence was crafted under a waning crescent moon in Pieces with flowers from our gardens & mountain spring water. Whiskey is added as a preservative.

Our Flower Essences are packaged in 20ml glass bottles. Dropper is not included. 

Ingredients: Achira Flower Essence, mountain spring water, & whiskey (preservative)

How to Use Vibrational Essences
Take 3-4 drops of your vibrational essence of choice under the tongue or in a glass of water up to 4 times a day for anywhere from a week to a few months. Specific duration & frequency will vary depending on a person’s sensitivity and their specific needs. One may choose to take the essence more often during a crisis or while processing a traumatic event until they have reached a state of calm. Take the essence at least 15-30 minutes before or after consuming any food or liquids (other than water). While taking the essence, it can be helpful to create a moment, even if it’s short, to reflect on one’s intentions and what work is being done with that particular essence.
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