About Us

Sierra y Cielo, once Wild Blossoms Farm is located at one of the homestead sites within the Sacred Sueños ecological refuge. The vision for the entire refuge is ‘humanity living in harmony with a functioning ecosystem.’

The project initially began as Sacred Sueños, in June 2004, on a remote mountainside in southern Ecuador that had been severely degraded by repeated burning and tilling that resulted in serious soil erosion. The purpose was to liberate the land from these destructive cycles, leave most of it be, reforest some, and offer some sites for regenerative agriculture.

In 2010, the site of Sierra y Cielo was first homesteaded. The first years were solely dedicated to building up fertile soil, and increasing biodiversity.

Our animals help to facilitate and speed up this process. Rabbits, goats, and horses create manure that can be turned into the compost to improve fertility. Chickens and ducks also provide manure for the gardens as well as foraging for insects to help keep a healthy balance.

Though the soil building never ends, now we have plenty of gardens and pastures that provide us with the ingredients for many of our alchemical delights



I cofounded Sacred Sueños in 2004, making a 15 year commitment to give to the mountainside. After several years developing the Seed Camp, I began work on the Wild Blossom Farm site in 2011. I follow a philosophy integrating regenerative design in all aspects of life. I love creating edible forests and gardens, and raising animals, using ecological mimicry to increase biodiversity and productivity. I also spend a lot of time building things.


I’m a Certified Permaculture Designer, herbalist, and, writer. My passions include crafting herbal concoctions, playing with natural dyes, hiking, baking, soap making, and learning more about the beautiful native plants that grow here.

You can read my musings about food, herbs, & homesteading on my blog: